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The soul or inner spark in me acknowledges the soul in you. It allows two people to come together to a place of connection and timelessness, free from the bonds of ego-connection. A deep union of spirits can blossom when done with deep feeling in the heart and surrender of the mind. We invite you to join us as you encourage ease in body, mind and spirit. Begin your inward journey as we guide you through a joyful and rich yoga experience. Come into our peaceful space and feel the tranquility in the air. Slip your shoes off, relax and settle in for an inspiring, up-lifting experience. It is our intention that as you leave our space you feel up-lifted in heart and spirit, calm of mind, grounded and centered in body, and connected to all beings. Above all, we want you to leave feeling better than when you walked in.


Our Philosophy:

We embrace all yoga styles and lineages. All yogis (practitioners of yoga) have the same purpose and passion. We honor yoga in all of its diversity with gratitude and humbleness. Whatever practice brings you to the mat over and over again and makes a positive difference in your life, is the right choice for you. We believe that through our practice we begin to connect deeply with ourselves and all living beings; we desire to be of service to others in our local and global communities so that all beings may have peace and happiness.